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With the Tourist Support Line project, you can set your company apart from the competition and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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About company

Years of experience

The company has been successfully operating in the Turkish tourism market for four years


We are the first in the market and we have no competitors


The project is protected by intellectual property patent and has a trademark

Government support

We operate with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey and the Municipality of Antalya

Project development

We keep up with the time. We implement and improve technologies

Coverage of cities

We provide services in more than 10 cities in Turkey and we continue to expand

Your clients will receive from us


Mobile application - this is a mobile guide with 24/7 online chat for communication with operators

Call Center

24/7 tourist support in 6 languages: Russian, Turkish, English, Ukrainian, German, and Dutch

You will receive from us


Monthly report with statistics and analysis of support requests


Our team consists only of qualified specialists


We regularly conduct surveys among tourists to evaluate their satisfaction with the quality of services


Our software meets all security requirements

We do not compete, sell or advertise anything, but help your clients
to have a pleasant and memorable trip

Our rules

We do not sell tours and excursions, nor do we organize them

We do not offer any additional paid services and do not engage in selling goods

We do not offer any type of transportation for rent

We do not provide passenger transportation services

We do not sell tour packages or airline tickets, and we do not make any reservations

We do not receive commission from companies offering the described services and are not affiliated with them

We value the trust of our clients and partners, that's why we only work with reliable companies

Our partners

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